Style Range

Style Laminated Wooden Floors

Our in-house brand manufactured by one of Europe’s leading flooring companies. Using the patented Claasen Megaloc click system this product is right up there with the best in the market.
Manufactured to European standards this is the one of the most competitively priced European laminated floor in the SA market. And in some instances, far better priced than a vast number of Chinese manufactured products.
Isowaxx on all click systems for added moisture protection and ease of installation.

Style 6mm AC3: 1290*194*6mm

Unbelievably priced and unbeatable value for money, this 6mm thick plank uses the ease connect click system.
Ideal for rentals, developments or homes where price is the deciding factor, without comprising on quality.
Priced from: R129,95/m2 incl. vat


Tundra Oak Light Grey Laminate 6mm

Tundra White Oak - Style

Tundra Oak White Laminate 6mm

Style 7mm AC4 4V: 1286*194*7mm

Excellent value for money while offering European quality standards.
AC4 is ideal for medium to high traffic home applications, and moderate traffic retail and office applications.
The 4V micro bevel offers that look and feel of a traditional wooden floor, at a fraction of the price.
Priced from: R179,95/m2


Amundsen Oak Laminate 7mm


White Coast Laminate 7mm


Blue Bay White Laminate 7mm


Venice Laminate 7mm


Bobs Pine Laminate 7mm


Cheese Cake Laminate 7mm

Style 8mm AC4 4V: 1286*194*8mm

The upgraded version of the 7mm range, ideal for those busy areas of your home, office or retail space. Also, suitable for hotels, guest houses and similar applications.
AC4 4V for that hard wearing and timber look and feel.
Priced from: R229,95/m2


Amundsen Oak Laminate 8mm


Callisto Laminate 8mm


Lincoln Oak Laminate 8mm


Old Wood Grey Laminate 8mm